Houston, TX

Houston, TX

Focus Sound Where You Want. Eliminate it Where You Don’t.

Grace Acoustical Design is the ideal acoustical consulting group for small to mid-sized organizations in Houston. 

Our personal approach makes the most of your resources and our insight and experience will ensure you achieve reliable and balanced acoustic results.

We provide expert advice to churches, schools, businesses and home owners to help get the best possible acoustics for their spaces.

Do want to keep your restaurant acoustics lively while permitting clear conversation?

Are your church acoustics too reverberant or echoey to inspire a connection with God in worship?

Do you need your office acoustics to provide confidentiality for HIPAA requirements, or for other sensitive conversations?

Do you need your business acoustics to keep sound in/out of your facility?

Are you a movie or music enthusiast who wants to get the most out of our media room acoustics at home?  

We are here to ensure your success.

Room Acoustics

We develop surface treatment plans for the proper selection and placement of surface treatments to significantly improve in-room hearing conditions. 

Sound Proofing

We outline strategies to attain sound isolation and dampening essential for confidentiality, audio recording purposes, and minimizing aural distractions.